About Me

I am a retired Indian Postal Service Officer who also served Army for 9 years attaining  the rank of Lt Col. With basic education as M Sc (Botany) and B Ed, I graduated from National Defence College, New Delhi, India as also became an Associate of Insurance Institute of India, Mumbai during my service career.  I am interested in Literature, Fine Arts, Social and Political issues, Flora and Fauna besides Cricket.

Being a well known short story writer, I have to my credit 4 collections of  Short Stories in Urdu viz  Adhoore Chehre, Chinar ke Panje, Zebra Crossing par Khada Aadmi, and  Reza Reza  Hayat ادھورے چہرے ،چنار کے پنجے ،زیبرا کراسنگ پر کھڈا آدمی ، اور  ریزہ ریزہ حیات  besides 3 collections of  Critical Essays and Book Reviews viz  Asri Tehreerein, Asri Shaoor and Asri Taqazeعصری تحریریں ، عصری شعور اور عصری تقاضے.Two of  my books (अधूरे चेहरे , चिनार के पंजे ) have also been published in Hindi. My short stories numbering about 100  have been published in reputed magazines in India, Pakistan and UK (see my another blog also budki.blogspot.com) while a few stand translated into other languages like English,Marathi, Telugu, and Kashmiri. 

Was awarded ‘Bhartiya Gaurav Award’ by the International Friendship Society in 2009 which was given to me by Shri B N Singh, erstwhile Governor of Assam and Tamil Nadu. I was also honoured by Andhra Urdu Academy, Sadhbavna Manch, Sironj, Bhopal and J&K Urdu Academy,Srinagar.

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