BJP’s defeat! Organizational Sabotage in Delhi.

I once saw a young boy on a branch of tree cutting it at the place where it grew from main stem. I asked him why was he doing this? He said, “My kite got stuck in the branch and when I tried to release the same, it tore off.” I kept watching him the way CHANAKYA must have watched CHANDRAGUPTA MAURYA clearing the thorny hedges. To my dismay the boy fell along with the branch and hurt himself.

Similarly, I have been watching NARENDRA MODI, our Nationalist PRIME MINISTER, since he came to power. He too I am told is fond of Kite flying on Uttrayan, a Gujarati festival. GUJARATI word rings bells in my mind since the country is presently ruled by the Gujarati Brigade. The BJP organization built over the years through length and breadth of India has been rendered useless though Modi used the crutches of RSS organization instead. Initially, Modi waged a war against L K Advani and his sympathizers and accepted only a few of them under compulsion as a face saving. Fine, they were all old guys but one has to remember that it was L K Advani’s RATH that had brought BJP a long way. Modi weeded out stalwarts like L K Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi, Jaswant Singh, Kalyan Singh, Lalji Tandon and the rest. Naturally, therefore, the administrative acumen of these experienced men could not be harnessed by the Prime Minister.  Similarly, SUSHMA SWARAJ was totally marginalized. An astute administrator like her was sent as Foreign Minister in order to reduce her influence in the country. Shahnawaz Hussain and Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi were totally ignored despite being only reliable Muslim faces in the party. On the contrary, SMRITI IRANI who could hardly be the right choice for Education portfolio was picked up. If you see the cabinet closely, many faces are totally new and have no experience to deliver what was promised to the people.

There is yet another facet of  administrative failure. Indian bureaucracy, which has been part of a corrupt system for last 68 years, is definitely not expected to lend Modi a helping hand unless he toes their line. Modi cannot transplant all the loyalist bureaucracy from Gujarat to help his Cabinet colleagues without sending ripples down the IAS lobby though many Gujarati politicians and IAS Officers are already dominating the Central decision making process at present.

Delhi is a perfect example of what can happen when you ignore the organization. It has been a bastion of BJP for past several decades and has many a time returned BJP as a winner. The organization is well entrenched. Sometimes it may have happened that BJP did not have a reputed person to lead them and therefore could not come to power. But during last Assembly elections they had discovered Dr Harshwardhan who left no stone unturned to prove his credentials. Firstly, knowing that Delhi was going to polls shortly, why was Harshwardhan nominated as a candidate for LOK SABHA? Secondly, if he was picked up and later allotted the portfolio of Health, why was he suddenly removed unceremoniously from the same? I thought the step many have been taken perhaps to ask him to fight Delhi Assembly elections again as a CM candidate. But I was taken by surprise to see Kiran Bedi inducted and announced as a CM candidate at the last moment. She is no doubt an efficient administrator but she is a novice in politics. If the idea was to stem the rot of intra-party factionalism, how was it going to help. In fact now all the factions of the party found a new foe to fight against unitedly and ensure her defeat. Post election she told in an interview to media that all the workers of BJP had helped her but results indicated otherwise. There was a visible internal sabotage against her leadership which ensured a drubbing for the party at the hustings.

Lesson! Never cut the branch of the tree on which you are sitting. Do not undermine the organization which has been built over years with zeal and hard work. Even if you want to do it, do it slowly and only after you put alternative organization in place. Learn at least this lesson from AURANGZEB. Kill your enemies one by one, not all at once.

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