How do you ask Janata opinion?

Arvind Kejriwal who has led Aam Admi Party from the front has all along tried to connect with the People. Many a time when decisions had to be taken which were either sensitive or controversial he proclaimed that he would consult the people. Question arises how do you find what people want?
India is not a direct democracy like we had in some tiny states of Greece or if historians are to be believed in some city states of India in the distant past. A city state with a population of a lakh or two could have all the people participating in making laws for themselves. They would gather in a large ground and say Yes or No to a legislation through a voice vote that would later become law. But imagine a country like India with more than 120 crore population. How does one collect each and every individual’s opinion and arrive at a decision?
During Delhi elections Kejriwal devised innovative methods to find out people’s opinion e.g. through voice vote in large gatherings or through SMS’s. The point to ponder here is whether he has been able to communicate through these means with all the people of Delhi, which is one of the smaller states in India, and find out their opinion. It is evident that large crowds that gather at any leader’s rally comprise either those who are his ardent fans or else who are paid for attending the rally. In both cases they are committed to what their masters want them to believe. They see how the wind blows and give their assent or dissent accordingly. In such a case majority of people who are not able to attend the rally are prevented from participating in the decision making.
In the second case opinion is collected through SMS’s or through internet which presupposes all the people have a mobile or a computer available and are educated enough to participate in the poll which is not the ground reality. Mobile density in India is hardly 60% out of which only a section may participate. Again such participation depends upon literacy and education of the participants. So it is evident that only a well educated population is able to participate in such poll while the poor and uneducated are left out. However, this type of strategy has been very popular among the educated young in cities who have been over the years lured by TV shows to send SMS’s for selecting Indian Idols, best dancers or best singers. Hence they find it exciting to participate in the political decision making too through these SMS’s. This has been one of the reasons for Kejriwal to attract the educated young who are frustrated with the establishment due to unemployment, corruption and red tape. in both cases it is evident that all the relevant people are not represented and democracy turns into Oligarchy.
To get the opinion of people the only method is by referendum which is not possible every now and then. Arvind Kejriwal had earlier adopted his so called people’s opinion method in Delhi elections but has given it a good bye while choosing candidates for the Lok Sabha elections 2014 so much so when one of the prospective candidates publicly asked him for reasons why he was denied a LS ticket Kejriwal brushed him aside by saying,”Aap ko Ticket nahi milegi.(You won’t get the ticket)”. While choosing Lok Sabha candidates the choice has been entirely his and of those very close to him.
Now that he is again harping on the same tune that he would ask from the people of Varanasi whether he should contest against Narendra Modi or not, question is whom will he ask? Will he undertake a referendum or resort to an opinion poll which he has been castigating all through or will he make people in the rally shout at the top of their voice “Mai Baap! Aap ladai jari rakho, hum tumhare sath hain!(Your Majesty, you keep on fighting, we are with you).” Thereafter he will announce that he is going to fight in Varanasi against Modi. He thinks it is a win-win situation again for him. If he wins, he is the King, but if he loses he will claim that it was the will of the people of Varanasi so he fought bravely and he had no contribution to his defeat.
All that I hope the people will rise to the occasion and decide with cool heads as to what they want for their future and what is good for India and only thereafter vote for a stable government for India at this juncture cannot afford a fractured opinion.

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