Ramdev’s Ramlila

Swami Ramdev, Yoga and Ayurveda Guru is at it again. Last time it ended in a high drama at the same venue with police lathi charging the audience and forcing the Guru to flee the venue in the attire of a woman. Fortunately, he could not be framed for his protest against the Government. But this time he is more vigilant though he has received setback as his right-hand man, Balkrishna, has been implicated for falsification of documents and Tax authorities have claimed that his trust has swindled the exchequer of around 4 crores. Today in his speech, he was cautious that his stage will not be used for any political ambitions, no bad language will be used against politicians or parliamentarians, nor will any politician or political party be harassed in particular. Recent developments perhaps made him to forget his earlier resolve to float a new political party. Yet despite all these precautions a flutter was created when it was noticed that two people facing criminal charges were included among the martyrs.

It is quite surprising that people have flocked to Ram Leela Maidan while only a few days ago they deserted Anna and not many people turned up at Jantar Mantar. Baba Ramdev did try to join Anna at Jantar Mantar and bring crowd with him to display his support among the masses. Later he was seen at a function of Jain Muni where Narender Modi had also been invited. Are these conjectures or a meticulously designed plan?

Anna has maintand distance from RSS and other political parties to be seen as secular and non-aligned though initially RSS supported him. Secondly, he kept all the politicians away and did not show any particular liking for  any party. He had spelt out his road map though hazy and vague. He wanted to divest politicians of their privileges and authority to rob the country which neither the ruling party nor the opposition would like. He was stubborn and did not yield any ground while negotiating with the Government and the result was clear. The Government did not pay any attention to him while the opposition did not stand by him. He was so frustrated that he disbanded his team like a child angry with his team mates after losing a game. Gandhian experiments were laid to rest peacefully in a country where Gandhi is remembered only on his birth and death anniversaries.

Whose Advantage? Advantage Congress and their allies SP and BSP who are knee-deep in corruption and fear Lokpal and independent CBI may further expose them. Advantage BJP and RSS because now the movement against corruption gets totally saffronised with the help of Ramdev and they take entire credit for it yielding electoral advantage for BJP. Advantage  Politicians and Bureaucracy for they will not have to face enquiry after enquiry.

Baba Ramdev in his speech was specific in his demands that Government should pass the Lokpal bill which is mutually agreed upon by them and the Opposition, ensure freedom of institutions like CBI, CVC etc., and above all bring back the black money from foreign countries as also take action to mop up black money within the country itself. Having seen the outcome of indefinite fast he was specific that the fast will be undertaken by one and all on the stage and in the audience for three days besides there will be demonstrations all over the country. He hinted at forming district and village level committees in most parts of the country which work is apparently herculean and it seems the same has been undertaken by the RSS on his behalf.

Whatever the outcome I must warn the Government that they are playing with fire. Having scuttled the non-violent movement of Anna Hazare in a fashion that was not proper, they will have to face much worse things. Indian electorate, if they remember, did not make Indira Gandhi even feel after emergency that she will be unseated in an ignominious way. The simply voted her out. Thereafter they also showed Janata Party way out because of their internal squabbling and non-performance. So Congress should be ready for the outcome in 2014. People of India may vote for any party but they will not vote for Congress and there is no charismatic leader like Indira Gandhi to bring them back to power thereafter.

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