Woh Kahani Bhool Ja- #Poem #Urdu #Roman

 1.Sher-o- Sukhan

                              Woh kahani bhool ja

Woh   jawani   thi   suhani  ,  woh   kahani   bhool  ja   Lag    rahi   thi  javidani,woh kahani bhool ja.
Zeest ka har   aik  darya  un   dinon  tha   maujzan  Thi  kabhi us mein ravani,woh kahani bhool ja.
Purnima  ka  chand  upar , thi  khadi  woh  baam  par  Uf ! Mehkti  raat  raani,woh kahani bhool ja.
Parh  rahi  thi  mah-e -nau  ki  halki   halki chandni   Ho  rahi  thi   gulfashani, woh kahani bhool ja.
Mai bhi tha,meena bhi tha,Saqi bhi tha,Sagar bhi tha  Maujzan thi zindgani ,woh kahani bhool ja.
Jab kabhi  bhi  muskarati,phool  barsati  thi woh    Aur phir woh badghumani,woh kahani bhool ja.
Woh  jhijhkna , woh  chimatna, woh  liptna yaar ka   Ab to  lagti  hai  kahani ,woh kahani bhool ja.
Rah woh  bhi  tak  rahi  thi, tha  hamein bhi  intezar   Furqat -e- shab ki girani, woh kahani bhool ja.
Hoon  khizan  ka  shajr  main,  gul  nahin patte nahi   Ah  bala – e – naghani ,woh kahani bhool ja.

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  1. One who comes to this world should give his contribution so that people would know and remember him for ever. His contribution to this world can make a change. Gandiji gave his contribution, but still his aatma may be thinking that his has done nothing. Sachin has created history in cricket but still he says it is nothing. Sir your contribution can not be neglected also.It is a fact that there is a limited time in the life where he can work because one is energetic for that specified period. This poem has been beautifully written to understand that there is importance of today……… thanks sir

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